Jushay Signature saw a desiring need to build a community of artists to help them improve on their craft regarding mixing & mastering, marketing, production, etc. All artists have to understand the value of investing in their own career as well as maintaining prosperity and growth throughout their music careers. Jushay created this platform, Signature Review to provide artists with needs and values such as partnering up with videographers, producers, photographers and financial consultants to bridge the gap for all artists to succeed. Jushay Signature encourages, promotes, and gives great criticism to artists by critically evaluating their music. There are several music review shows, but what makes the Signature Review outstanding is that Jushay understands the needs and values of each and every artist. This is why she has partnered up with BAFA (By Artist For Artist), a community of artists who conduct 24/7 live review shows as well as assist artists like you to excel by constructing showcases around the world for artists to get the opportunity to spread their talent.


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