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“I’m letting go of yesterday and tomorrow; I’m living for today.” ~ Lyrics to live by from the single “Close”. These are the words of an artist not afraid of what the future holds, but more of what will happen if she doesn’t go all in right now. Giving it everything she’s got, Singer-Songwriter Nicole Jonas released her debut EP entitled “Letting Go”. In collaboration with producer Bryan Tate, this work symbolizes a chapter in Nicole’s life and the importance of growth thereafter. The Duo had chemistry from the get-go and the music speaks for itself. Those closest to her describe her style as one of sophistication & fight. Her songs are best known for their catchy hooks and haunting melodies. Many confess that with just one listen the tune lingers in their heads for days. You be the judge! 

Singing was just as natural as speaking for a young Nicole. Her mother recalls the many songs that she would make up while going about their day, whether it was doing the laundry or picking out an outfit, she was always expressing herself through song. Getting her start at a young age she began writing poetry and later her first song at 9 years old. The bubbly pop tune “Hey Baby” was just the confirmation she needed to start the pursuit of a dream as not only a singer but a songwriter as well. She was self-taught on piano until the age of 17 when she began lessons, which continued through college. She graduated from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, where she received her Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Jazz Performance. While attending the university she had the opportunity to work with professor and pianist Reginald Thomas, as well as jazz vocalist Vanessa Rubin. Nicole’s Jazz influence definitely shines through in her work. While she categorizes her music as pop, you will also hear hints from many genres. A few artists who inspired her include Michael Jackson, Joss Stone, Nancy Wilson, and Mariah Carey. 

“Letting Go” is now available at all major online retailers. Get your fix on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, & many more. For additional information, a performance schedule, & booking info go to: