Jackie Nelson is an upcoming novelist, who lives in St. Louis, MO, with her husband and two children. Jackie began exploring her passion in writing soon after her daughter was diagnosed with Autism. She wanted a way to share the positive experiences and loving nature of her daughter, while building Autism acceptance. She was published in Autism Parenting Magazine with her first personal narrative, “The Remarkable Day Daphne Met the ‘The Doctor’”. Recently, she has completed her first full manuscript, a middle-school fiction, “The Power Within.”


This riveting, middle-school zombie thriller is told through the eyes of Daphne, an Autistic twelve-year-old girl. Feel what she feels, and see what she sees as this adventure keeps you on your toes. Daphne isn't just your typical twelve-year-old girl. Her Autism helps her experience the World differently, and when undead creatures attack she discovers what the true power within herself really is. Join Daphne as she learns how to live in this strange new world with new senses, while figuring out her powers and fighting for the people she loves.