The industry of music truly has a great new business man that’s about to shock and devour non-believers. HotNoize David Ransom Aka Cornbread was born in jackson, ms but was raised in Flora, Mississippi. Being that Rip Daddy was members of gospel at church, Bread Management has always been familiar with music, basketball, track and being an all star in football kept Bread Management occupied in high school.

After accepting a scholarship to Hinds Community College, he played 2 season before been kick out & then went to jsu also I have a baby in 2010 his name is David Ransom Jr He Is Now 9 years old Begin 2007 decided to promote his brothers music and make a run at becoming an official management/promoter, his brother Shawdy Jizzle, Yung Punkin, JWash launched They label called BredBoyEnt, Str8BeastEnt, RealLife Production After They 2014 successful campaign, that following After making a name for himself in of 2011, Bread joined TrillEnt Big Mel, King, Derrick, Webbie’s label Savage Life Supa Unit as a management/A&R.

Then i hooked up with A.R. & Garry Matthew In 2008 who now his manager. Then latest work included with offdabloc & entertainment industry unity, bread has since started his own Label call Bread Management. David feels like this is only the beginning to a long and healthy business career & is currently working on his artists new project they named “Slim The Huslter, Lil Mon, & More" Expect nothing but an avalanche of consistency and hit music from this next phenomenon of talent!!! Partner With HotNoizeEnt, FullCircleMusicGroup, TrillEnt, Harris Racing, BigBRacing & More He is now an exclusive manager of HOT NOIZE ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE!

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