Cedric Demon Jackson was born July 1 1988 in Jackson MS. He was raised in Jackson MS on the west side in Maple Street Apartments. Single parent. His mom she did her best trying to raised three boys on her own In 2008 he had his first little girl Janiya Jackson and at that moment he new he had to find some in his life to do so him and his brother Paul start it raping but things didn't work out as planned than in 2016 some how he got connection with David Ransom he already had a career in the music business so I decided to began working together in & he then met a well-known man named Christopher King Morrison at a nearby studio. Christopher was visiting some people at the studio  Christopher King Morrison he was signed to Milliyone Musik Mafia by Foxx a million so they gave me a chance. So on November 20, 2016 things got even better for Cedric Jackson him this Fiance. Start it traveling back and forth from Jackson to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.    

Everything started to go right for them ,But then everything went down the drain that following year in 2016 when he found out we was laid off of Milliyone Musik he then stopped everything for a while & Just in the nick of time months later he became affiliated with Savage Life Entertainment which is owned by Webbie & his brother Derrick Marquis Johnson. when he then started to get more noticeably an official member of Savage Life Entertainment. 2017 I started to manage a very talent artist by the name of Gutta El Guapo with his hit single RUN IT UP IN EVERYTHING was working out with radio play doing shows  until money got a little tight so than Cedric Jackson was making less money to do anything with than David Ransom connected them with A.R from HotNozie Entertainment and many more  



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