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I have always used music as my voice, my way of sharing myself. I began my musical journey with a 

Chromatic harmonica and the mandolin guitar. I was just 4 years old. My first professional music 

lesson was on the violin, in grade school. I began playing the Les Paul Jr at 6 and piano at 7. I’ve 

taught myself many instruments over the years and play only by ear. I believe this is why my music is 

heard by your ears but experienced in your soul. Judge for yourself. 


As a single parent, I had the pleasure of providing the best life possible for my five beautiful children. 

When I wasn’t touring, our home was filled with music. Just like years earlier as a child, I used music 

to say all the important things to my kids; passing on “life’s lessons”, through my lyrics. 


Before there was medicine, there was music. Throughout my years I’ve found my greatest peace in the 

melodies of my forefathers. These melodies are best experienced thru the Native American Flute. I’ve 

written for and performed the Native American Flute all across America. This music goes deeper 

inside your soul with every note and takes you to a place you may never have been. It will ease your 

mind, allowing you to find your inner spirit and heal your pain. I admit this part of my show is my 

favorite. We’re already working an a new project. Keep your ears and your souls ready! 


On November 29th 2017, I proudly signed my contract with Full Circle Music Group. As a singer, 

songwriter & recording artist I need a team I can trust. It’s hard to make music and take care of 

business. One or the other always suffers. FCMG will represent me and my portfolio of 60 plus songs. 

I’m also proud to join their team as an A&R Representative. I’ll be helping other artists join this team!

- Previous Tour History -

Brenda Lee - State Fairs - Staging and Audio - Wakefield Sound

Confederate Railroad - Sound and Audio

Alan Jackson - Reba Mcentire - Vince Gill - Sound and Audio

Chubby Checker - Sound and Audio

Carl Perkins - Sound and Audio

Pat Benatar - Sound and Audio

Cheap Trick - Sound and Audio

Wolfman Jack - Opening Act

Eddie Money - Opening Act

Rat Dokken & Trickster w/ Bugsyy Band - Opening Act


" Love Beyond Measure " - Obagaba 

 " Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints. We are but a thread in the web of life. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together, all things are connected "  - Seattle (Chief)



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