Music Sharing On Socials Has Never Been Easier

Where listeners are discovering music has always been a driving question in the industry and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the current answer appears to be social media. Here we look at how music is being shared between social media and streaming platforms. ____________________________ Guest post by Luca Zanello of The Orchard's The Daily Rind There’s one big question that drives the music industry forward: “Where do consumers find new music?” A large (and most accessible) response is: social media. Following the demand, streaming services want to make it as easy as possible to connect to place their app at the forefront of music discovery. Now on popular social media sites, music fans can quickly access the latest tracks within one click or swipe.  This past month, Facebook announced new features that allow users to share what they’re listening to on Facebook and Instagram stories with ease. Below, you’ll find a helpful chart courtesy of Facebook to see which streaming services support direct social sharing on Stories: Courtesy of Facebook Below are helpful visuals you can use to help you spread the word of music.  Spotify to Facebook / Instagram Stories Click the more options button indicated by three dots […], then the “Share” button and follow the rest below. Follow a similar flow to share via text messages, WhatsApp and Twitter.  Tidal to Instagram / Facebook Stories: Follow a similar flow to share via text messages, Facebook and Twitter.  Pandora to Instagram: Pandora not only delivers to Facebook and Instagram but can also post to Snapchat as well: Follow a similar flow to share via text messages, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Twitter.  Twitter While there is no “Story” feature, Twitter is also integrated across Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Soundcloud and more. Twitter allows and users to share a simple link that embeds a clip on your feed for followers to listen and click through. To quote our friends at Facebook, “Sharing features are a great way to encourage fans to interact with your artists and their music, and for fans to help spread the love through their own Facebook and Instagram Stories. Sharing is also a great way to get fans excited for the next release, a special album anniversary, or simply as a means to continue to connect with fans authentically via Facebook and Instagram Stories.” Be sure to try this out with your music and encourage your fans to share as well with a bespoke Call To Action message.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to utilize The Orchard’s Landing Page feature within Workstation to create a link that connects fans to any and all platforms. Followers can “Swipe up” or navigate to your custom Landing Page once you share your vanity link.  Until next time, happy streaming and happy sharing! 

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