How To Engage With Superfans Using Facebook, Instagram

As an increasing number of music fans head to social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, the platforms are offering an increasing number of services to artists to help them engage with their listeners. Here we provide some advice for how to utilize these features to the max. _____________________________ Guest post by Kevin Cornell of TuneCore The following is part of the TuneCore Live webinar series We’ve never been shy about reminding independent artists of the importance of utilizing social media as it pertains to marketing, promotion and audience building. As more and more music fans and artists flock to channels like Facebook and Instagram, more and more features to help the two groups engage keep emerging. Recently we had the chance to host one of our TuneCore Live Session webinars straight from the halls of Facebook’s New York City offices. Our panel included Facebook’s Jamie Sampson (Commercial Label Partnerships), TuneCore’s Shara Sprecher (Director, Social Media), and TuneCore Artists Shah and duo Eighty Ninety. If you missed it, no sweat – we’ve got it streaming for you below. Some of the topics we covered in the Live Session included: Advertising On Facebook & Instagram For Artists We all see the sponsored images and videos, and we all know a boost can go a long way in reaching new fans. But where does an artist start? Utilizing the Creator Studio If you’re managing your pages and want to take full advantage of the opportunities to post, monetize and measure across Facebook and Instagram, it’s all about the Creator Studio. Monetizing Your Music on Facebook & Instagram Facebook and Instagram have made it easy to let artists give their permission for users to upload content using their music. On top of that, they can get paid! Getting Verified on Instagram Ah, the elusive blue check mark. Not just a status symbol anymore, but a way for independent artists to stand out in the crowd and ensure their followers can find them – and making a request isn’t as hard as it seems! Lyrics on Instagram Stories Once you’ve opted in to Facebook Music, it’s time to let your fans add lyrics to their posts and Stories to help get the word out even stronger. Tunecore will be hosting informative and engaging TuneCore Live Sessions in the future, so be sure to check back for RSVP opportunities.

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