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My favorite thing about modeling is having the opportunity to create something artistic - something that you can't find anywhere else. I'm more interested in doing something original that provokes thought or emotion than anything else. That said, I love to be a part of the creative process behind making the shoot happen. This means coming up with ideas for locations, poses, costumes, etc. It's important to me that the work that I am involved in is something that will be memorable and unique to anyone who sees my photos. My sense of style can vary depending on the project that I am working on, but I lean more toward the darker side of things. Darker themes and colors suit me best. This may be my "comfort zone", but I am willing to step outside of it if the project calls for it. While I have my niche, I want to be as versitle as possible. Actually, i often prefer it because that is how you get the most unique photos, by doing something “out there”. You never know what opportunities you'll miss by staying complacent.